Welcome to the Course Archive Project, in the University of British Columbia Mathematics Department.

The Course Archive is a repository of teaching materials for the UBC Mathematics Department. Access to the Course Archive Project is limited to UBC Mathematics faculty, staff, and some graduate students.

First time users should login to the site by clicking the Campus Wide Login icon on the left and following the steps. This will create an account for you in the course archive, but won't allow you to access it. Please contact Cap Admin to ask them to activate your account.

To login to the Course Archive Project, click the Campus Wide Login icon on the left, and supply your CWL credentials. You will be redirected back to this page.

Recent Changes

Tar files - The course archive system now accepts tar files as uploads and will display a listing of the file contents. Tar files can be compressed with gzip or bzip.

Keywords and Tags - A fixed list of keywords is now available when adding course materials. Enter a comma separated list of keywords in the Keywords field. A free, open tagging field is also available called Tags.

Individual Access Permission - Graduate students no longer have access to any course materials by default. Faculty members and staff can give a graduate student access to a course by visiting the course page and clicking on the Access control tab.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why must I wait for my account to be activated? -
Unfortunately the CWL system doesn't tell us which department a person comes from, only that they are faculty, staff, student (or combination). Since we decided that only faculty and staff in the math department should have access, we must check each account as it is created.

Why is my email address wrong? - When you create your account, the Campus Wide Login system reports your email address as yourcwl@ubc.ca, which is wrong for almost everyone. There isn't much we can do about that.